My new film, BRUISER drops tonight. Below are a few of my favorite stills from the set. Be sure to follow the link to the film this evening, it's been 15 months of hard work, and I'm very excited to share the final product.
Brian Ronaghan (producer) and Elissa Ruminer (makeup)

Leslie Meeker (Martha)

Joe Burch (Ryan)

Filipp Kotsishevskiy (Cinematographer) and Kevin Henthorn (Lighting)

Jenna D'Angelo (Sarah)

The Bruiser

Mattson Tomlin (Director) and Joe Burch

Mike Pappa (Production Designer)

On set

Light Bulb Room

Kevin Henthorn, Mattson Tomlin, Filipp Kotsishevskiy


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I have some friend who make cinema, and I can follow the progress sometimes, and its soooo great!!!
Wish you the best for you and for you movies!
Hugs and rockets,

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