it's been a while.  another film in the can, a new life ahead.  with a little bit of a push from some old and new friends, I've been encouraged to use blogger to give a few quick updates.

BRUISER is in post-production, and there to stay for a bit longer.  It's an exciting little film, and a new, purist view on the superhero mythology we are all obsessed over.  More on that in years to come (we hope.)

GRUNDY is in post-production, and almost out.  Pick Bickmore has been working tirelessly on the score and the visual effects are now underway.  It's a constant struggle, and my answer is always that we're almost there. no one is more excited than I to deliver.

I am about three days away from some big changes.  Moving from the East Coast (NYC + MA) to Los Angeles to attend the American Film Institute.  I was accepted this past spring and will be in a small group with a concentration on film directing.  A lot of work ahead, and a whole lot of life changes ahead.

Twitter has turned into my beast of choice, and if you're reading this and want to have a sense of the day-to-day work going on in my little corner of filmmaking, please drop me a line over at that nifty place.

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