The Release

I'll keep it brief. Tomorrow's a big day. Brian is coming in. A lot of you haven't met Brian, and may not be as familiar with him as you are the likes of Neville, Chris, Mak and Adam, the faces from the original short. But Brian's important, and you'll remember him. Sure, he plays an interesting character in the Solomon Grundy saga we'll all be seeing soon, but he's also a tremendous actor, with a ton of patience.

Brian's coming in tomorrow is a big deal. Not just because he's Brian, but because he's coming into the cave to do some ADR and additional voice work. Said differently, Brian is the first scheduled to come in and lend his voice back to production so that we can really get cracking on sound. We're not picture locked there, and there are strange editorial reasons why we're capturing Brian's voice at this stage, and not after we've locked.

The wonderful D. Yee, whose work has always been an inspiration to my own (dating all the way back to the days when I was shooting the Projectionist in 2007) brought together a wonderful poster for the film. Expect to see it everywhere.

Solomon Grundy will be out December 28, 2011. Make sure to follow us on the 'book to keep up to date on the daily happenings.

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logankstewart said...

That poster is magnificent. Very dark and moody, and the mirror style is perfect for Grundy. Great stuff.