Had a great meeting with our sound designer, who I can't help but refer to as Broadfoot, this afternoon. He handed over the sound design for Dream Lover, which he and I have been bouncing notes on back and fourth for a little over a week, since the task was given to him. I was surprised how fast he works. This is important, because it's the last piece. Capital D. Done.

I've just begun to export for DVD Studio Pro. It will take all night, and possibly through the morning. On October 30th, you will be able to watch Dream Lover online. This will be the case for ten days, then the film will unfortunately go offline for a few months so we can run festivals. I'm working on a venue in New York (not a theater) to screen Dream Lover on the 29th or the 30th, and there will be big shouts about that when the time is right. In any event, mark your calenders for the 30th, and get ready to watch and share a dream with me.


jriggity said...

That last touch of MAGIC before the films release...

awesome man.


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