A Dollar For a Dream

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have officially launched my newest Kickstarter for my next film, which I have been alluding to for the past few posts. The film is called Dream Lover. It is a combination of an adaptation of some of my own dreams and nightmares of late, and a rough retelling of the Greek myth following Endymion.

I'm handling this kickstarter a little bit differently from my last one. After a lot of consideration, I'm taking the In Rainbows approach, and opening up the field. For as little as One Dollar, you can have access to a digital download of the film. $1 for the whole kit. What I'm really hoping for is the maximum number of people possible to see this film of mine, so opening up and letting everyone else set the bar seemed like the best solution. I would hope that anyone who reads this might pass it along to a friend- it's one dollar well spent, I feel quite confident in saying. This is a terrifying thing to be doing, but my faith in this project is driving me with more force than ever before.

If you have a moment, come visit Dream Lover. I thank you for your time.



willow said...

Best of luck on the project. I hope you quickly meet your goal. (great photo, btw)

eemah said...

cool. i wish i have a lot of time to make my own movie too, your concept inspire me, maybe my next movie project will be about a dream catcher, a girl chasing after her dreams but ended up sacrificing the things she can achieve in life, and thus she lived chasing after her dreams but never achieving them, .. maybe i can make it a love story. hehehe just thought of it, while i'm typing these words, i love making movies too,

eemah said...

i hope i can see yopur movie too.. but think i'm way to far.. on the other side of the globe. ....

Mattson Tomlin said...

Too far? Not at all my friend. people who donate get a digital download sent to their email, no problem. Your idea sounds like fun, you should explore it. Thank you for visiting with me!